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Click On Detroit – Protecting hair, scalp from the summer sun

The long-term benefits of sunscreen are widely known, but protecting the scalp and hair are often forgotten. Local 4’s Paula Tutman reports.

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West Bloomfield Hair Transplant Doc Takes Some of His Own Medicine

Dr. Mark Berkowitz undergoes the hair restoration procedure he offers to patients at his Sterling Heights clinic.The day came when Dr. Mark Berkowitz of West Bloomfield looked in the mirror and realized he needed to do something about his receding hairline.

While many men and women make the same decision, Berkowitz had an added incentive: His Sterling Heights practice offers NeoGraft Hair Restoration.

“This is a procedure I not only perform, but I believe in,” he said.

Both men and women come to Berkowitz for hair restoration; in fact, he said, he was surprised that the gender split is about 50/50. There’s no perfect time to consider hair restoration; he said some of his patients have just 5-10 percent hair loss, others have only 30 percent of their hair left.

“It’s time when you look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m unhappy’. You have to be in the right mind frame,” he said.

Berkowitz had his colleagues perform the NeoGraft procedure, which he documented in a series of videos posted on the YouTube.com social media website.

Other hair replacement procedures involve harvesting hair from a strip of scalp at the back of the head, which leaves a scar and can result in numbness, Berkowitz explains in the video. NeoGraft removes individual hair follicles from the scalp, with no stitches or staples, and no scar.

Berkowitz said he took a Valium before the procedure, but didn’t feel any pain at all. “Half-way through, I had lunch with my team,” he said. “That evening, I went out to dinner.”

There’s even video of Berkowitz at the mall just hours after his procedure.

Going through the procedure gave Berkowitz some insights from the other side of the doctor-patient relationship. He said he has more empathy now for what his patients go through and feels even more confident about giving patients his phone number, so they can call with any questions after their procedure.

“Being the patient, I learned that I’m in really good hands with my team,” he said. “They do a great job.”

Learn more about NeoGraft at detroitneograftdoctor.com.

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