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Hair loss is common and often starts early in life, continuing to accelerate as we age. 70 percent of all men are affected, as well as 40 percent of women. Hair loss has been problematic in the past – painful surgery, ineffective pills and creams and expensive and unnatural hair weaves and pieces. A thick, healthy head of natural hair can restore confidence and create a much more youthful appearance.

Regenerative treatment for natural hair regrowth

The ALMI process is a solution that is pure science working with your body’s restorative processes. It can restore hair loss in as little as two months. Receding hairlines, balding areas, thin hair or loss of volume can all be addressed with the ALMI procedure. It has proven to be a natural solution for many cases of hair loss, and it may be the perfect solution for your hair loss.

What is behind balding or thinning hair?

The hallmark of balding is the miniaturization of hair follicles. Clinical studies have established that this miniaturization reduces the ability of pleuri-potential cells residing in the scalp to convert to the progenitor cells that are required for hair stimulation in the follicle. It also reduces the repeated cycling of this conversion that is so important in follicles continuing to grow healthy strands of hair. ALMI assists in the regeneration of the hair follicle and induces a greater robustness in the recycling of the pleuri-potential cell to progenitor cell conversion.

ALMI Hair Treatment

What is the ALMI procedure?

ALMI is a groundbreaking regenerative treatment that targets the hair follicles by using your own cells to help stimulate regeneration as your hair progresses through natural growth, shed, and dormancy cycles. This is performed in Dr. Berkowitz office as an outpatient procedure and uses a local anesthesia for the harvest and treatment site. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • A small amount of body fat is drawn from the abdomen or leg (called a tumescent liposuction) which requires a very small cannula (hollow needle) and a tiny incision.
  • Blood is drawn (about as much as a standard blood draw) to extract PRP (platelet-rich plasma).
  • The treatment area is numbed.
  • The natural fat and PRP cells are purified and injected into the scalp in the thinning areas.
  • The entire process involves minimal discomfort and is completed in an hour or less.

Results are usually seen during the next hair growth cycle and continue to improve with each new cycle. Noticeable hair growth increases typically are experienced in one to two months.

Dr. B performs the ALMI Procedure

Hair Restoration Videos

What areas can ALMI hair restoration treat?

  • Hair follicles and the natural growth of new hair
  • New hair increased thickness
  • More vigorous regrowth
  • Decline in hair loss and receding hairline
  • Bald spots experience hair regrowth

Why undergo an ALMI treatment?

Have you ever felt that your hair loss made you noticeably different than other men, that it was a problem that set you apart from others?

The fact is that two-thirds of all men in America experience hair loss to some degree by the age of thirty-five, and the percentage only goes up as they age. By the age of fifty, about 85 percent of all men have lost a significant amount of hair.

However, the fact that this problem may be more common than you thought doesn’t mean that you have to like it – or that you have to accept it. Michigan Hair Restoration is here to help you, and one of the services we’re excited to offer you is ALMI Hair Restoration. An ALMI treatment not only restores natural, healthy hair growth, but restores your confidence in how you look.

ALMI Hair Treatment

What is different about ALMI?

The ALMI procedure draws on cutting-edge science to provide an innovative and natural approach to hair restoration that helps your body re-grow hair. It’s miles apart from grafts or weaves that can result in an unnatural appearance that can when poorly performed, can be more distracting than hair loss. ALMI gets back to basics.

Your hair grows from the hair follicles in your skin. These follicles are actually organs made up of multiple types of cells, each with different functions. The hair they create can help insulate against extremes of heat or cold and provide some degree of protection from UV radiation. Over the millennia, hair has also come to be a defining feature of human appearance.

Balding, an unwanted barrier to what is generally considered to be an ideal appearance, occurs when hair follicles shrink, or “miniaturize” and the follicle loses its ability to grow new hair. The ALMI treatment is designed to address this situation by triggering the natural regenerative resources in your body.

Am I a candidate for ALMI hair restoration?

The ALMI hair restoration procedure has produced positive results in patients with a wide range of hair loss issues. The best way to find out if this procedure is right for your specific situation is to schedule a consultation with our specialist at Michigan Hair Restoration who has experience providing ALMI treatments to patients such as you.

Dr. Mark Berkowitz, the center’s medical director, is a board-certified surgeon who is committed to ensuring that you are well informed regarding the treatments that are available to you and the expected outcomes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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