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Find out why Dr. Berkowitz chose to undergo hair restoration himself!

Dr. Berkowitz has personal experience with hair restoration and chose to undergo treatment himself. Find out why, the results he achieved, and how this changed his quality of life and inspired him to help others live a happier, more confident life with custom hair replacements.

Early treatment can help ward off hair loss

Get the facts about the causes of hair loss, and what you can do to keep your hair looking healthy, strong, and thick by using advanced regenerative treatments. Many people who inherited balding can outsmart nature with treatments such as PRP or an even more exciting method, ALMI, which combines the growth factors in PRP with stem cells extracted from your own adipose (fatty) tissues.

Facts you need to know about hair loss

You can get educated about the latest developments in hair restoration, and the differences between the “strip” method, an older treatment in which a strip of scalp is surgically removed from the back of the head, leaving a surgical scar, and NeoGraft, which extracts healthy follicles singly with a suction extraction method that better preserves the health of the follicle. You deserve to understand why this method of hair restoration produces superior results – and is far easier to experience as a patient. Rather than undergoing a long, grueling process and a long recovery time – with a scar – this method allows you to return to your usual activities almost immediately, scar-free.


This informative book covers everything you need to know about hair restoration, and includes chapters on:

  • How Much of my Hair can be Restored?
  • Surgery Makes Me Nervous
  • NeoGraft vs. the Strip Method
  • What are Things Like During Surgery
  • Women’s NeoGraft results

And that’s just the beginning of the data you will find in this important informational book. Need to know whether you should seek hair restoration? Get your answers here.

Find out all you need to know about hair restoration from a physician who has top credentials, experience, and who is living with the results of his own hair restoration procedure, Dr. Berkowitz.

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