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Thinning hair is a frustrating condition. Many hair restoration methods can require daily application of products to stimulate hair growth, or involve invasive treatments. Laser hair caps, on the other hand, are a treatment that is as simple as wearing a hat. It sounds too good to be true, but laser hair caps have revolutionized the hair restoration industry by providing a comfortable, low level laser light therapy to stimulate new hair growth.

What is a laser hair cap?

Approved by the FDA to restore hair growth, laser hair caps have forged a new path for at-home hair restoration. It utilizes technology that was previously only available at hair clinics and involves a functional, discreet cap that can fits comfortably under almost any sports hat. The inside of the hat is outfitted with laser light technology that stimulates your hair follicles to trigger hair growth.

The laser hair cap evenly distributes light energy across your scalp, and does not produce a discernable sensation or pain. The treatment can be just as effective as other forms of hair restoration, but without any of the complex products or procedures – simply put on your hat and continue your daily routine.

Best Candidates for a Laser Hair Cap

This safe and effective treatment for hair loss is suitable for men and women who are living with thinning hair. Women typically experience thinning on the top of the scalp, while men are prone to male-pattern baldness, with thinning or balding areas on on either side of the forehead, and at the crown. The laser hair cap is most effective for those who are in the early stages of hair loss, as opposed to those who have been bald for many years.

The laser technology may not be as effective on some darker skin tones, but let us help you determine if you are a good candidate. Dr. Berkowitz has many years of experience and can help you find out more about this innovative, non-invasive treatment.

LaserCap Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Cap vs. Other Methods of Hair Restoration

Most people in Michigan use a laser hair cap as a low-maintenance, non-surgical alternative to hair transplants or to avoid the daily routine of applying minoxidil or other topical creams. Other benefits of the laser hair cap include:

  • Discreet cap that can be worn under almost any sports cap, and customizable to your personal style
  • No incisions, injections, or pain
  • Eliminate the need for daily applications of hair growth products
  • Short treatments that are easy to fit into your day

Additionally, the laser hair cap can be used in combination with other forms of hair restoration. It can be used alone or in conjunction with hair transplants, topical creams, and more. For some patients, combining treatments can enhance or prolong results.

Recovery Time & Expected Results

There is no recovery time associated with using the laser hair cap as a stand-alone treatment.

The simple and easy wearable hair growth stimulator is pain-free and does not involve any downtime. In fact, some patients even wear the cap while they are running errands or during other activities as it is not disruptive or irritating.

The laser hair cap begins working right away, stimulating hair growth in inactive follicles after the first treatment with low level laser light therapy. New hair growth becomes visible typically in about three months after starting treatment. Your self-confidence about your appearance can be greatly increased when concerns about thinning hair melt away as you watch your hair become thicker and healthier.

Laser Hair Caps in Detroit, Michigan

At Michigan Hair Restoration, we understand the frustration associated with hair loss. Dr. Berkowitz is recognized as one of the top hair restoration surgeons in Michigan, and has performed hundreds of procedures at his two Detroit offices. He understands the various causes of hair loss, and what can be done to restore the body’s regenerative processes and stimulate natural hair growth. Laser hair caps are one of the fastest growing hair restoration treatments, and our warm, attentive staff is here to help you discover the most effective treatment for your case.

LaserCap Hair Restoration

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LaserCap Hair Restoration

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