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In today’s world, many men and women struggle with the loss of hair in the eyebrows. At Michigan Hair Restoration, we understand that the eyebrows are the framework of one’s face. They are important for facial symmetry and balance and, for many people, offer an aesthetic aspect to attractiveness.

We are here to help restore hair loss with eyebrow transplants with successful results!

The loss of eyebrow hair can occur because of many reasons. At Michigan Hair Restoration, the most common reasons we have seen are over-plucking, injury, trauma, aging as well as genetics and medical-related hair loss. The eyebrow transplant procedure can be used to restore living and growing follicles into the eyebrow area. Some patients seek to have restored full, thick eyebrows, while other patients are looking to have a scar made less visible.

The eyebrows are an important part of the face because of its contribution to aesthetics. Studies have revealed that facial symmetry is considered by most cultures as a standard for beauty, and eyebrows are significant in that regard. The lack of definition in your eyebrows may lead to you feeling insecure, and it is important to address the issue before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Both men and women struggle with hair loss in the eyebrows. If the same is true for you, Michigan Hair Restoration can help. We offer an eyebrow transplant service to restore facial symmetry by addressing the lack of definition in your eyebrows. The loss of eyebrow hair happens for a variety of reasons, and based on our years of experience, patients who over-pluck, suffer from injuries or trauma, old age and other medical-related causes are the common reasons for eyebrow hair loss.

Eyebrow transplant

Our experts have the experience and the technical know-how to provide first-rate eyebrow restoration services. We combine proven methods with aesthetics to restore your eyebrows and revitalize your face. We know the importance of the eyebrows to your overall look. We go the extra mile to make sure you get natural looking results with the most minimal pain and discomfort. The procedure we provide may restore growing and living follicles in the eyebrow area. We listen to our clients and follow specifications; some of our patients want to restore their thick and full brows, while others prefer to make their scars less visible.

Eyebrow transplant

If you want to restore hair in the eyebrows or make them look a certain way, schedule an appointment with us and allow our team to evaluate which solution would work best for your particular case.

At Michigan Hair Restoration, we offer our experience and are highly skilled in eyebrow transplant. Our team applies both artistic and technical skill when performing eyebrow transplant because we know how important both factors are for natural looking results. Our team works diligently to ensure the result of the eyebrow transplant fits one’s face shape. Call us today for a private consultation!

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