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What are exosome treatments by Benev?

Exosome treatments by Benev are a concentrated regenerative complex that can be delivered alongside treatments such as PRP therapy in order to help spur the growth of hair follicles as well as strengthen current hair follicles. Each exosome treatment by Benev delivers 2 billion stem cell-derived exosomes, power-packed with potent growth factors, amino acids, and peptides to encourage healthy hair regrowth.

What is the procedure?

Your hair restoration treatment with Benev will involve microneedling, followed by the application of Exosome Regenerative Complex. The talented cell messengers in the complex can then enter the deeper layers of your scalp to begin doing the work of hair renewal from within. Microneedling is not exceptionally painful or difficult to experience and does not require an extended downtime. You may

Exosome treatments by Benev do not involve any downtime or discomfort, the ideal addition to your hair restoration treatment at Michigan Hair Restoration.

How do exosome treatments by Benev work?

A step beyond stem cell therapies, exosomes are the building blocks of stem cells. These exosomes contain mRNA, which is responsible for the manufacturing of proteins in the body. Exosomes act as messengers to deliver mRNA, growth factors, peptides, amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins and minerals to encourage healthy hair regrowth. While stem cell therapy, such as PRP hair restoration, has proven to be an effective way to ward off hair loss, many scientists and medical professionals agree that the key to regeneration lies in the exosomes.

Healthy hair with Benev

Exosomes can prolong the hair growth cycle which helps build thicker, stronger, healthier hair. These tiny but powerful cellular components are like small bubbles, released from stem cells, that regulate many body functions.

Your exosome treatments by Benev treatment will be personalized by Dr. Berkowitz and his highly skilled team of hair restoration specialists. We will advise how this groundbreaking regenerative treatment can enhance the results of your hair restoration treatment.

What are the benefits of hair regeneration with exosomes by Benev?

Exosomes offer several significant benefits in triggering natural hair growth, as they contain some of the body’s most powerful regenerative growth factors:

  • SCF: SCF, or “stem cell factors” play an important role in regulating and promoting cell survival and proliferation.
  • TGFB3: This growth factor converts inflammatory T Cells into anti-inflammatory regulatory T cells to ward off balding.
  • VEGF: This growth factor stimulates the formation of blood vessels, a crucial aspect in hair regeneration.
  • MIP-1: Promotes growth of hair-enhancing cells by controlling inflammation.
  • FGF: Signals natural stem cell renewal.

Exosomes by Benev FAQ

What are exosomes, and how do they work?

Exosomes are tiny buds that form on the outer wall of cells. These tiny messengers are the key to healthy cell function, growth, and regeneration. They promote cell to cell communication and are loaded with the critical growth factors the hair follicles need to continue to produce thick, healthy hair strands.

How can exosomes by Benev help me avoid going bald?

Balding is most often, genetically programmed. For men, it starts at the hairline, which recedes, and then advances to the crown. The hair follicles are unable to continue producing hair as they are affected by a specific hormone. With exosome treatments, this genetic programming can be changed so you continue to produce hair.

Can exosomes by Benev make my hair restoration treatment more successful?

Hair restoration with NeoGraft involves harvesting and transplanting healthy hair follicles into a thinning or balding area. With the addition of the exosome treatment, you are providing the follicles with a super-charged set of growth factors to help them become healthy and producing in the new location.

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